About Josephine


Welcome to The Josie World!

Josephine Palm is 31 years old and living in Stockholm where she is CEO of PS of Sweden, alongside with running her own businesses. Josephine was a finalist in the Swedish baking show Hela Sverige Bakar 2012.

She has published recipes in various magazines such as BAKA, Hembakat, Hemmets Journal, Året Runt, Bakat och Gott etc and seen in TV shows on Swedish and Norwegian Television. She is also co founder of the Podcast Restaurangpodden.

Josephine’s latest book, ”BAKA, lite glammigare, lite roligare” (Ica Bokförlag/Forma Books) is available in stores and online. The new book The Expat Kitchen will be out in stores on Feb 1 2018.

Do you have questions about the website? or do you want to book an interview/event?  Email: info@josephinepalm.com