Banana and Cinnamon Cakes

Mjuka kakor av Josephibe Palm fotograferade av Jessica Lund, fotograf Stockholm

Forget everything you know about banana cake. This recipe will change your life forever. Make a few smaller cakes or just bake the whole batch in one big bundt pan. Bake away!

Grapefruit Roll


Smooth vanilla meets tangy grapefruit. Just can’t go wrong with this one!

Super Moist Chocolate Cake with Cardamom Glaze

Sockerkakstabberas stylat av Josephine Palm fotograferat av matfotograf Jessica Lund

This super moist and soft chocolate cake is the best one ever! You just have to try it!

Mushroom and Cheese Pirogues

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

For any occasion, but best served with beer and preferably on your crayfish party table!

White Chocolate and Grape Fruit Sponge

Photo: Jessica Lund

A wonderful, soft, and fluffy cake that is super delicious! It’s divine when served with a nice cup of Bergamot Tea as well!

Lemon Coconut Tops


These super juicy coconut tops are flavored with lemon zest for freshness. Naturally gluten free and can be made without sugar too!

Shrimp Pie – Räkpaj

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

These cheese and shrimp pies are a great pre-dinner snack or champagne app! Prep the day before and just reheat just before serving for a mess-free entertaining!

Gluten Free Crisp Bread

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

Fantastiskt lättbakat och hållbart knäcke. Dillfrö kan bytas ut mot rosmarin om man vill för att få en annorlunda smak.

Triangle Scones

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

Wonderful, sweet scones that are perfect for Afternoon Tea or a late night snack. Cut out the sugar for a more plain scone. I bake these in a scone tin but baking them on a classic baking sheet is just fine, shaped any way you like.

Very Cherry Tartes


The cutest little mini pies ever! So simple to make – yet sooo good!