Mushroom and Cheese Pirogues

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

For any occasion, but best served with beer and preferably on your crayfish party table!

Easter Cupcakes

Kakor dekorera mera av Josephine Palm fotograferade av Jessica Lund, fotograf Stockholm

These little rabbit cupcakes are just too cute! Make them for Easter and enjoy with the kids!

The Revival of the Jelly Cookie!


These babies are awesome! The sweet jelly together with the buttery cookie is great! A classic Swedish cookie, you just cannot live without.

Cake Pops – Gluten Free!

Afternoon tea glutenfritt stylat av Josephine Palm fotograferat av matfotograf Stockholm Jessica Lund

The perfect party treat that everyone loves! Great for any occasion and easy to prepare. Looks really cute as decoration too.

Shrimp Pie – Räkpaj

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

These cheese and shrimp pies are a great pre-dinner snack or champagne app! Prep the day before and just reheat just before serving for a mess-free entertaining!

Easter Cookies

Kakor dekorera mera av Josephine Palm fotograferade av Jessica Lund, fotograf Stockholm

Easter is all about the pastel colors! The mild yellow, green, and pink tones are so cute. I pipe icing on my Easter cookies to create patterns, just use your imagination and make beautiful, edible gifts! Or make them in any other shape or color to suit any holiday!

Gluten Free Crisp Bread

Kakor fotograferade av matfotograf Jessica Lund

Fantastiskt lättbakat och hållbart knäcke. Dillfrö kan bytas ut mot rosmarin om man vill för att få en annorlunda smak.

Langos with vanilla cream and lime marinated berries

Friterat av Josephine Palm, fotograferat av Jessica Lund, Stockholm

Langos är nog mest känt som festivalmat serverade med gräddfil och tillbehör som ost, löjrom eller lök men som efterrätt med söta bär och grädde är de helt ljuvliga, och dessutom ganska lätta att göra!

Godaste chokladbollarna!


De här chokladbollarna kan vara de bästa jag gjort! Ni måste bara prova! Idén kom efter att jag köpt hem både kokossocker och kokosolja… mmmm!

Petit Choux Flowers


I made these small petit-choux’s to for a summer party a few years back. They were so incredibly appreciated that I continue to make them in different versions. The recipe is the same as for classic petit-choux’s, it’s basically just the presentation that is different.